R.I.P Louise Rennison

See Author Appreciation: Dear Louise Rennison

When I saw Louise Rennison’s name trending on twitter last night I was filled with that familiar sense of warm excitement, was she coming out with a new novel?! When I clicked on her name I was devastated to find the report that she had passed. An instant cloud of remorse hung over me. There are writers whose work has the power to save you, Rennison did that for me.

Middle School and High School weren’t my best years, I struggled a lot with being a young adolescent woman and Louise Rennison provided a hilarious escape for me with her series The Confessions of Georgia Nicholson. Though I lived in small town Ohio, I felt connected to that girl in London and with every novel I was able to step out of the dark angst that could be, at times, too much. When I felt like no one understood me, Georgia was there. When I needed a laugh, Georgia was there. When I needed a love-life to live vicariously through, Georgia was there. Louise Rennison was there. As a young adult I found myself returning to the Georgia Nicholson series, fulfilling the nostalgia for when life was far more simpler. I even kept up with Rennison’s series, The Misadventures of Tallulah Casey, another laugh-out-loud exploration of what it meant to be young and quirky.

No one wrote for young girls like Rennison. She was funny, no, HILARIOUS! She was witty. She an amazing talent, with a gift for making the growing pains of being a teenager a bit less painful.


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