What I’m Watching

Netflix (or any other preferred streaming service) isn’t the only place to find quality content. As a self-proclaimed web-series/docu-series aficionado, YouTube is my biggest resource for quick, engaging, and innovative content. Here’s a look at what I’ve been watching.

Mic.com’s new digital docu-series, The Movement

The movement

“[…] there are the stories we choose to tell in media and those we ignore. It’s easy to locate media accounts highlighting social ills, but less available are narratives of progress and transformation. Mic‘s newest original series,The Movement, is an attempt to fill in the gap.”

Mic.com senior correspondent, Darnell L. Moore, hosts “The Movement,” and takes viewers where CNN, FOX, and any other major news media outlet won’t. So far “The Movement” has highlighted the prejudicial divide of Zip Codes, Young Individuals re-imagining Baltimore, and A Camden NJ non-profit organization committed to revitalizing the community.

Such critical, nuanced, and engaging material is neatly packed in a 5-8 minute clip.

i-D Magazine’s new web docu-series, “Relocate”


“VW presents a four part series that explores the hopes, dreams and realities of moving abroad. New Year, new start, new city? DJ, producer and radio presenter Nabihah Iqbal is questioning whether London is still the city for her and she’s not alone. 323,000 emigrated from Britain last year and with spiraling costs of living, contrasted with the perceived better quality of life elsewhere, it’s easy to see why. […] Is it really that much easier to be a young artist elsewhere? To what extent is this dream a reality?”

I was always obsessed with the travel channel as a child. This docu-series takes you into the Arts, Music, and Culture scene of three European cities. Though short, it is beautifully shot and gives viewers insight into new places.


Nike Women’s web-series ‘Margot vs Lily’

margot vs lilly

“Two sisters—total opposites—make a bet that pushes them both way
outside their comfort zones.”

I’m not ashamed to admit that I hit the “skip” button on every ad before a YouTube video, but this time I’m glad I didn’t. Although it’s only one episode in, ‘Margot vs Lily’ is not your typical gimmicky advertizing series–although there is some heavy product placement. There’s a story here that will get you invested, even if you aren’t a Nike fan.


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