5 Web-Series to Keep You Laughing

Issa Rae sparked something with her Akward Black Girl series. Created out of the paucity of material that reflected awkward black girls, Issa set out to change that—and that she did. Now the producer has a book, not to mention a show due out on HBO, and a series of other internet content.

But Issa isn’t the only black woman making hilarious web content. Check out these five web-series created by, and starring, black women that will keep you laughing:

1. Clench & Release 


“Clench & Release is an original series that follows Charla, an up-and-coming comedian, as she navigates the frustrating, clench-worthy situations that inspire her stand-up.”

Such clench-worthy events include being “chicken-shamed” by another black co-worker, snorting cocaine with a homeless man, trying to buy a Plan B pill at a pharmacy in Harlem, and explaining what a celiac allergy is to a chef at a fish and chicken take-out spot.

This web-series is created by Charla Lauriston, who is a stand-up comedian and writer for Tina Fey’s Netflix series, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. By the end of season 2 you will see why Fey hired Lauriston, she’s hilarious!

Start your clentch-worthy binge here: Clench & Release

2. Downtown Girls 


“Downtown Girls is the story of four girls, Abney, Alex, Sam and Zo, who recently graduated from New York University and impulsively decide to start a business after an over-achieving college friend pays them a visit and challenges their party, do-nothing lifestyle.”

In an attempt to “revolutionize” the way their peers party these four besties decide to create an app that locates the hottest house-party. The catch is they have to come up with over $100,000 to pay for the creation of the app, so they turn their once do-nothing lifestyle of partying into a do-the-most lifestyle where they turn their house into a club and charge party-goers for everything. ECM: everything cost money—even the amount of toilet paper one uses.

Follow the wild and hilarious journey of these four girls trying to follow their dreams: Downtown Girls

3. Ackee & Saltfish 


“A comedy that explores the everyday interactions of the two friends. The series was inspired by the desire to capture the small, random, golden and banter-filled moments between friends”

Rachel and Olivia are two friends whose constant bickering and joking will remind you of your bestie. Plus, you can’t afford to miss the intense debate on back-bread—do you eat it or do you not eat it.

The series is created by fierce visionary, Cecile Emeke, who has black women from every side of the pond laughing.

Join in the fun here: Ackee&Saltfish

4. I Love Lucy & Bekka 


“A comedy web series about two best friends. this is a fly on the wall experience of hanging out with them.”

I Love Lucy & Bekka will have you laughing out loud and clutching your heart at the hilariously tender moments Lucy and Bekka share in their closer-than-close friendship.

The web series is created by writer/director, Rachel Holder.

Become a fly on the wall here: I Love Lucy & Bekka

5. Vocation 


“A twenty-something writer with 0 skills must find an occupation that doesn’t require leaving her living room.”

Serie is the twenty-something who, like many of us, is  in that interim period of trying to figure out what the heck she’s going to do with her life! Watch Serie try out several careers from actress to stylist to beat-maker.

The web-series is created by writer/actress/director Shelby Coley.

Follow Serie’s hilarious series of career changes and learn more about how not to be a LinkedIn whore: Vocation

The web continues to prove that it’s a viable place for quality, and hilarious content. Each one of these web-series and creators deserves to be supported, not just because they’re black women, but because they’re HILARIOUS!

***this post was originally published on my tumblr site.


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