The Repass film needs your support

If you’re like me then you remember the first time you gazed upon the cinematic excellence of Kasi Lemmon’s Eve’s Bayou; a film that told a story of family, memory, and truth while infused with the supernatural, colorful, other-worldly-ness that is that state of Louisiana.

For years I’ve been yearning for a film like Lemmon’s and by the synopsis of Repass, it sounds like that yearning may come to an end. According to the site, Repass is a:

Supernatural thriller seven-year-old Creole Marie must witness the turmoil that erupts between her parents, Marianne and Boden, as they desperately search for their son. The beautiful and delicate Marianna is a mother whose spiritual and personal beliefs are challenged as she tries to save her son in the wake of several tragedies, while Boden is a foreign citizen whose search through the city is halted by the politics of a community in chaos. 

This seven-year-old Marie connects with her Haitian Voodoo priestess Aunt to connect with the religion in order to find her brother.

The cast & crew of The Repass were awarded wonderful news when they were guaranteed a $3,000 investment if they could get 100 donations from others (of any dollar amount). On the film’s website one can review just how organized and serious this crew is about making this film.

Often times we complain about Hollywood not creating opportunities or representing people of color, but why wait for them when we have the power to bring what we want to see to the screen.

Check out The Repass and donate any amount that you can and help not only this crew and cast, but the catalog of films featuring people of color and a rich diverse history of our African Diaspora.

Watch trailer:

The Repass Official Trailer_1080p from Rae Shaw on Vimeo.

Donate to The Repass’s Indiegogo site 

You can also follow the film’s:

twitter account

tumblr blog

facebook page




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