My Experience as a WOSU Public Media Intern

I interrupt my regularly scheduled program of book-blogging to bring you this little gem:

Interning has been a fun (and not so fun) way for me to explore different career fields. While I have stayed in the vicinity of writing and production: I have explored all facets in those areas from marketing to radio to television.

Each internship I’ve ever held has been amazing in that they have all given me something to take away and apply to my life and the evolution of my career. WOSU has been no different; interning for WOSU Public Media has been an absolutely incredible experience. I have had such amazing hand’s on opportunities that have given me a real taste for what a career in media will be like.

Recently, I wrote a blog for what it is like to intern for WOSU and why interning is the best thing you can do–especially if you’re considering going into a career in media.

Even if you aren’t into media, you can check out my embarrassing picture by clicking the link here : )

Regular book-blogging shall resume as scheduled.


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