Erotic Lit & Hollywood: A New Affair?

Could Erotic Literature have a new home in Hollywood? If the new film adaptation of Zane’s, Addicted, and E.L. James, Fifty Shades of Grey are any thing to go by, then the answer is, yes!

Addicted is the story of Zoe Raynard, a successful businesswoman unable to find “pleasure she wants, the way she wants it.” This results in a string of dangerous extramarital affairs that threaten to strip Zoe of everything she loves. According to the boxoffice, the film was a hit–earning $7.6 million opening night.

Audiences are awaiting with bated breath for the first installment of E. L. James’s erotic BDSM trilogy, Fifty Shades of Grey. The trailer released amid heavy buzz (currently at almost 4million views), and an extra boost from a new rendition of the King Bey’s classic “Crazy in Love.”

With such films proving to be profitable ventures for Hollywood, I think we will begin to see an unloading of erotic lit adapted into films.

So, as we anticipate the development of this trend, what are some erotic books you’d like to see on screen?


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