Vintage Black Glamour


(Nichelle Gainer, Vintage Black Glamour)

As a young girl, I was always fascinated by the beauty of Dorothy Dandridge, the courage of Josephine Baker, the confidence of Eartha Kitt. I often dreamt of a place where I could see these faces printed on posters, magazines, etc. I wanted their images and their stories to be as ingrained in our nostalgia for vintage Hollywood as Marilyn Monroe and Mae West (both stars in their own right). Thanks to Nichelle Gainer, I no longer have to imagine such a place–she has brought it to life with her encapsulation of the glamour of African-American female entertainers in her book, Vintage Black Glamour.

The book presents historic photographs of famous actors, dancers, writers and entertainers who worked in the 20th-century entertainment business, but who rarely appeared in the same publications as their white counterparts

This incredible collection includes women like:

  • Aretha Franklin
  • Lorraine Hansberry
  • Diana Ross
  • Donyale Luna

Not only are there rare pictures of these iconic women, but biographical text is included to tell the dynamic and inspiring story of each starlet. Gainer, who writes for: 55 Secret Street, Revenge of the Curves, and Anovelista, brings us an important archive of history with this book, one that I can’t wait to purchase.

Check out some of Gainer’s amazing work on the Vintage Black Glamour site  and order your copy of, Black Glamour, today.


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