Citizens Creek Available for Pre-Order

CitizensCreek___Latita Tademy

Lalita Tademy became a well-recognized name when Oprah inducted Tademy’s debut novel, Cane River, into her reverenced and devoutly-followed book club. Both, Cane River, and Tademy’s second novel, Red River, earned her spots on the New York Times Best Seller’s list, and now she is back with her latest novel, Citizens Creek. 

According to Tademy’s websiteCitizens Creek, is a tale about:

a once-enslaved man who buys his freedom after serving as a translator during the American Indian Wars and his granddaughter, who sustains his legacy of courage.

I can speak first hand of the genius and literary-talent that is Tademy’s work. She has a gift and a commitment to telling the diverse stories of African-American history that explore the bonds of family and the resilience of a people who, no matter the circumstances, refuse to give up their stride toward freedom. Her writing is so visceral you’ll feel as if you’re present in each word you read.

Tademy’s work is timeless; she tells the stories that need to be told in a way that is evocative and original. She is sure to continue such a reputation with her upcoming work, Citizens Creek.

Pre-Order your copy today.


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