Mobile Reading

Reading is boring…said no one ever. Ok, maybe a few of you have said that, but have you ever really thought about why you find reading to be a snooze fest?

Is it because there are no pictures, no sounds? Or is it because reading is too stationary and you have a hard time sitting still? 

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then guess what, you’re going to love reading from now on. Thanks to digital media, reading can be adapted to your everyday mobile life–you don’t even need to pick up a book. Digital Media actually allows you to adapt reading to your learning style.

1. Auditory 

Are you a person who learns better when listening? For all my auditory learners, or people who just don’t have the time to sit still, reading is as easy as downloading an audiobook from audible or even renting an audio book from the library. Audio books allow you to read everywhere from your car to the treadmill. Auditory reading also helps to:

-Understand how words are pronounced
-Strengthen critical listening skills
-Strengthen concentration to skills, builds focus

2.  Visual 

How many of you are visual learners? You have to see something in order to better comprehend. Well, don’t fret—reading can be adapted your visual and mobile life. Thanks to ebooks you can take a book from your laptop, to your phone, to your phone. Not only are you enjoying the weightlessness of an ebook, you’re able to get a book the second you want it instead of waiting days for it to arrive in the mail or be available in the library/store. E-books help to:

-Improve spelling
-Develop analytical and critical thinking skills
-Improve vocabulary

3. Kinesthetic 

If you are more of an interactive learner who comprehends when you are physically engaged in some way then reading is for you, too! Engage your mind and your fingers in the many fun and interactive apps that will exercise your imagination while improving your reading speed and comprehension. From any mobile device you can download apps that make reading an interactive sport. Check out the Spritz reading app and see how many words you can read per second! You can even improve your vocabulary and help to fight world hungry with the FreeRice site. While you’re playing such engaging apps you are also helping to: 

-Build vocabulary and strengthen writing skills
-Develop critical thinking skills
-Increase reading speed

The Digital World has mobilized everything from the way we engage socially to the way we watch television. Reading isn’t a thing of the past, but yet, has adapted and expanded the future. Without the presence of a book, you are still able to improve the following skills that come with avid reading. The act of reading never has to be boring anymore. It is just as mobile and dynamic as you! So get out there, pick up a device, and start reading.

What’s your favorite way to read?


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